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January’s Pick:

Creamy Wild Spinach & Pea Soup

Who knew healthy could taste so naughty?

Wild spinach is combined with pea and coconut milk for an oh so rich, creamy, and filling soup that will take you and your guests running back to the pot for more and more. Oh and did I mention that it takes only 15 mins from forage to bowl?! Get stuck in.

In case you’re curious…

About Me (Bethan)

A few things about me :

  • I’m a 30 something year old human living on the West Coast of Portugal with a man and dog I’m totally crazy about.
  • I love to cook, hike, explore, create and learn…oh and eat!
  • This blog/diary is a passion project of mine. My job as a designer of all online things is what puts the non-foraged food on the table.
  • A hike in the Spanish mountains with my mum was the catalyst to me finally writing these recipes down (she’s the one behind me in the photo).
  • I LOVE food…surprise.

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Creamy Wild Spinach & Pea Soup
and Feta
& Plantain